Recently called a “female disruptor” by Thrive Global, Dr. Marina Kostina guides consciously-minded individuals on their journey from a lethargic status quo to ravenous, bright and exciting life.  

Through her hypnotherapy, energy healing sessions, as well as global spiritual retreats she invites people to live beyond survival, feeling fully alive and present, consciously enjoying themselves like children. 

As a hypnotherapist, energy healer, bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and seven times winner of the US Department of Defense grants, she has been  featured in such prestigious publications as TEDx, Forbes, Entrepreneur, WGN, Telemundo and Hay House. Dr. Kostina is also fortunate to have worked with such celebrities as Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, and Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay.  

Her workshop are always fun, motivational and hands-on. So be ready to participate and engage! 

One day workshops

(all workshops include energy work, coaching interactive activities, hands- on exercises, dancing and hypnosis)

Your true selfie- how your energy shapes your destiny

It is no longer a secret that we are bodies surrounded by an electromagnetic field, called biofield that can be measured with scientific, state-of-the art equipment. Yet the majority of people don’t realize the power that lies within them and outsource their happiness and well-being to external circumstances, events and individuals. 

In this workshop the audience will go through several steps to understand, feel and experience the energy that they are through the 4 steps:

LEARN: The science behind your energy fields, and realize that these fields contain information about your health, longevity, sickness, happiness, talents, motivations and main personality traits. 

PRACTICE: you will quickly analyze bioenergy photos of various people, including my celebrity client Kanye West and diagnose their problems and challenges. 

APPLY: You will leave with concrete tools that will instantly help clear your energy fields, cut off the sources that drain these fields, and know how to rejuvenate, expand and produce energy for well-being.

SEE: In this section the audience will be able to see their own biofield, receive short analysis and guidance by Dr. Kostina and walk away with 3 reports: aura photo, biofield and chakras report, and the detailed portrait of their predominant aura.

Energy cleanse and defense

(certification course)

In this Live Certification training you will learn the most effective techniques to: clean and protect your energy from the negative influence of others.

By the end of the LEVEL 1 (10am-12pm) you will be able to:

  1. clean your own energetic field from negative vibration of your friends/ relatives/ clients
  2. clean your house and your office from low frequencies and mixed energies
  3. protect yourself, your pets and your home from jealousy, gossip and energy vampires
  4. understand safety techniques when working with energies
  5. get a certification that will allow you to perform energy work on yourself, your pets and your home.

NOTE: After Level 1 you are NOT allowed to perform these techniques on others, only on yourself!

By the end of Level 2 you will be able to:

  1. Understand who you really need to protect yourself and others from, and who you should just ignore
  2. Protect and cleanse others
  3. Work with such strong negative vibrations as evil eye, curses and hexes
  4. Know how to calm and transform your own anger and rage to avoid hurting others with these techniques.
  5. Learn the most effective techniques for defense and cleanse of one’s energy that have been tested by Dr. Marina Kostina and her teachers from all over the world. 
  6. The Basics of the Psychological Aikido
  7. The Science behind Energy Vampires  and their hierarchy
  8. Cord cutting techniques for energy vampires
  9. Besides the techniques themselves, the training covers a different world view, plasticity and flexibility of your attitude towards others. Understanding of the destructive thinking and matrixes that distort our view of reality and others. You will learn a special Code of Ethics and Protection Rules for working with dark energies.

This is a unique opportunity to do the training LIVE. After this course the training will be available in online format only. 

  1. At the end of Level 2 after passing all activities successfully you will receive a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to clean and protect the energies of others FOR FREE (or for gits. barter—not for monetary compensation!!! ) The reason for that is in order to do this service professionally you need to be initiated to the certain level of mastery.

Goddess groove

(for women)

In our society we are encouraged to suppress our emotions. We are labeled “needy”, “weak” or “unprofessional” when we express anger, sadness or fear. We are sup[posed to get over a death of a loved one in 3 days and come back fully energized to work…

We become masters in hiding how we feel, but our emotions don’t disappear, they accumulate and buid up inside. As a result, this habit forms hotbeds of stress in the body, leads to a depressed emotional state, deterioration of blood circulation and the development of many diseases of the body (migraine, sinusitis, arrhythmia of the heart, kidney disease, pancreatitis, etc.). Therefore, if traditional medicine is powerless in solving your problem, it means that it is time to change the approach.

Come to learn about 7 main body blocks and release them through… DANCE!

In this 4 hr workshop you will:

  1. Understand main body blocks and realize how they negatively affect your life
  2. Learn about 7 goddess archetypes that need to be developed within you for a wholesome experience of life
  3. Release blocks and unleash the goddesses through belly-dance inspired movements
  4. Walk away with a hot choreography!
  5. Get some fun goodies (like hip scarves and other surprise goddessie things)

From lethargic to ravenous living

Do you know the worst epidemy of the 21st century? It’s name is  LETHARGY – a state of existence where the body continues to function, yet the person leads a joyless, passionless existence going through the motions year after year. Our lack of real connection, often sedentary style of living, sup[pression of emotions, constant comparison on social media create energy blocks that deteriorate our bodies and create stagnation in our souls.

Science proves that our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that can be measured with special equipment. Yet the majority of people don’t realize the power that lies within them and outsource their happiness and well-being to external circumstances, events and individuals.

As a researcher, energy practitioner and hypnotherapist who has treated thousands of clients all over the world, Dr Kostina collected one of the largest databases of peer-reviewed articles on the topic, and has seen transformations that happen when her clients took care of their energies.

In this presentation Dr. Marina Kostina will show you the science behind passionate living and provide research-based yet practical tools will leave with 3 tools that will instantly help them expand and clear their energy field to start creating more fulfilled lives.

Find the g-spot of your soul

Does it Sound Familiar?

  1. “I don’t know how to move forward in life.  I feel stuck.”
  2. “My relationships just don’t work. I always attract the wrong me: narcissist, manipulators or energy vampires. They only use and abuse my love”.
  3. “I am always responsible and want to succeed. But lately I have no motivation and don’t enjoy my work anymore…. and have no clue what to do next”.
  4. “I am going through a lot right now with my personal life and addictions. I went to psychologists, healers and read tons of books, but nothing seems to help”.
  5. “For the last year I’ve been suffering from back pain. I visited dozens of clinics and went through a bunch of research, but no use. I haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on with my body”.

It seems that these problems have nothing in common… but in reality the root of them- are inside of you! Your body blocks reveal some internal conflicts that you might not be aware of… And these blocks are connected to the blocks in various aspects of your social, romantic, health and financial aspects of your life.

If you want to know how to beat them and ready to change your life for the better – join my training.

This is a practical training that will help you learn breathing, yoga and coaching techniques, self-hypnosis, meditation, dance, and metacognition processes to open up your energetic bodies, restore your physical body and help you dive into the depth of your soul and find the passion and joy for your life, aka “the G-spot of your soul”.

About Dr. Marina Kostina

Dr. Marina Kostina has a unique blend of traditional education (PhD, coaching, hypnosis), and esoteric training (Reiki, biofeedback and energy healing).As a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and seven times winner of the US Department of Defense grants, she has been featured in such prestigious publications as Entrepreneur, WGN, Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, People magazine and USA Today, and has appeared on Telemundo and Hay House Radio, and has appeared on the cover of Russian Chicago, Women Entrepreneurs Today, and Evanston Woman. She has also been fortunate to have worked with various celebrities, such as Kanye West, Bryan Tracy, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, and Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay.  

Shimmy Therapy

Check out Dr. Marina Kostina's signature Shimmy Therapy where she sets the crowd on fire after her speaking presentation.

Engaging and Hands-On!

Every workshop is highly interactive, engaging and hands-on!


Previous Speaking Engagements

  • The University of Iowa
  • The Chakra Shoppe
  • World Tree Healing Center
  • Kendall College
  • Coe College
  • Argosy University
  • IES abroad
  • American College of Education
  • Noble Street Charter High School
  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • Blended Schools
  • Jane Addams High School
  • IQ academy
  • Aspire
  • Liberatious
  • Brand Twist
  • The US Department of Defense