Spiritual Hypnosis

Areas of application of spiritual hypnosis

It is my belief that our devastating experiences, such as losses, traumas, accidents and addictions bring not only negative but also positive changes  as they have the power to connect us to something higher than ourselves and move us beyond our own lifetime. Here, in the quantum realm of spirit, miracles happen, as we are no longer bound by the 3D limitations of gravity, time and space. That is why I believe that a part of every successful healing practice lies in spirituality. 

I created a series of spiritual hypnosis sessions that are conducted over the phone. The reason for it is that I want you to experience the session from the convenience of your own home, where you feel completely safe and relaxed, not worrying about traffic, distance and time. When I finish the session, I allow you to stay and enjoy the higher vibrational state for as long as your own spirit guide finds it necessary. That is why laying in your bed without the stress of having to get up and move is an integral part of the healing experience. Moreover, I want you to learn how to enter these alternate states of consciousness on your own.

1. Work with Ancestors (correction of ancestral memory)

In these sessions hypnosis creates conditions for in-depth work with the information recorded in the DNA. The emotional experience of the ancestors, recorded before the conception of the child, is transmitted through spermatogenesis to the next generation and becomes a potential program in the present life. If we take into account only 7 generations before us – parents, their parents, their parents, etc. – then this is already an emotionally charged experience of 256 people! All these programs are ready to be activated at any moment and make adjustments to your life.

2. Regression Hypnosis - Reconstruction of the Memory of the Soul

Regressive hypnosis helps to restore the memory that has been blocked in us since birth. When the energy-informational channel is activated and the fragments of the involuntarily forgotten experience are brought to the level of conscious awareness, we go beyond the limits of existence as biological robots and embark on the path of spiritual formation of our destiny.

3. Technology of the Foresight and Correction of the Future​

These sessions are designed to help you learn how to control your destiny. Would you like to understand the causes of difficulties in the three main areas of life: health, finances, relationships? Would you like to solve these difficulties and thereby attract positive events into your life? Would you like to master the magic of Foresight and be able to change the events of the future? The program will also give you the opportunity to capture happiness in the present moment of life and see in it the beginning of the realization of your cherished desires.

4. Life Purpose

These sessions are for those people who started their searching for themselves, and their purpose in life. This is the beginning of the spiritual growth and is often accompanied by the feeling that there is something missing in life, and the need to feel something bigger.

5. Dialogues with Spiritual Guides, Spirit Animals, the “lords of karma”, and other higher beings, etc.

In these sessions we connect you to the higher beings which help you resolve karmic problems, and give insights in the four main areas of life: relationships, health, money, and recurring situations.

6. Awakening of Psychic Abilities

These sessions often work with the screen or psychological sonar – a brain function that is activated when the right and left hemispheres of the brain are synchronized. At our level of development, a person perceives elements of the external environment and reacts to them with either the left or right hemisphere of the brain.

7. Finding a Spiritual Partner

This session deals with such concepts as a Twin Soul, Soul Flame, and Soul Mate. It helps you find the person who is your spirit partner, who triggers your own growth; and together you create a spiritual union.

8. Access to the Akashic Records

These sessions answer your deepest questions. We will access your Book of Life, and get the answers from the collective wisdom of your soul.

9. Reality Simulation

Does life control you, or do you build your reality? Have you ever thought about the possibility of simulating your reality? That is, there is an opportunity to create the desired model in three areas of your life: Family life, Professional life, and Social life.

10. Spiritual Journeys Hypnosis

This session teaches you how to take you into very deep self-hypnosis and how to rise up into your spiritual realm while protecting your body and soul. In these journeys you might learn your spiritual name and see your true inner self in the Hall of Mirrors, where your Spirit Guide gives you a unique message. You might also visit the Temple of Healing and the Hall of Transformation and discover your soul’s memories,

Session's Cost = $150

Each session lasts about 45-60min

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