Somatic Trauma & Stress Detox

“Head To Toe” Somatic Trauma and Stress Detox

This service is designed to release trauma that is trapped in your body and stress that tends to create painful nods in your muscles and problems in your internal organs while opening up your energetic bodies for higher vibration. This is a signature session by Dr. Kostina that combines her training in feet reflexology, head massage, energy work (Reiki and other esoteric practices), as well as Sound Healing.

While the session is extremely relaxing and pleasant, we go deeper than the skin level and help heal emotional disturbances that have consciously or subconsciously embedded themselves in your cellular memory and affect many everyday things from peace of mind to triggers or phobias and even how you look. Feelings are stored in various organs, for example, fear is often stored in the kidneys while anger in the liver. By pressing on the trigger points and massaging them with energy healing modalities we allow them to release through your lymphatic and energetic systems.

Past traumas (small or big ones) stay in our body as cell memory, causing energetic blocks in our system which can lead to both physical and emotional problems. My signature session allows me to find and clears these blocks in all your systems, organs, cells, nerves and muscles to promote physical health and a healthy mind.

You will feel immediate relief in your body as it purges all negative energy and liberates your chakras and etheric body for the harmonious, free flows of Chi or prana through your system. Note: It is normal to feel a range of emotions as you go through trauma.

You will note beneficial effect on your mental, psychological, spiritual and physical well-being, healing your internal organs and stimulate balance in all of your systems.

While benefits are felt from the first session, I highly recommend initially considering an intensive course of four treatments taken weekly to effect the greatest change and lasting results, and then come for maintenance.

What to expect?​

First Step

First you will sip on some herbal relaxing tea while soaking your feet in a blend of herbs custom made by Dr. Kostina to jump-start your lymphatic system.

Second Step

Then you will enjoy a half-an-hour neuro-reflex massage on your feet that creates an incredibly pleasant relaxation for your body and your organs and uses trigger points to release stress and trauma.

Third Step

Then you will relish a head and neck massage designed to calm your mind and stimulate production of collagen, help with lymphatic drainage and muscle tension headaches, stress, and sinus pressure relief as well as assist with emotional healing.

Fourth Step

Finally, once your body is open and liberated from stress and tensions, you will enjoy a healing reiki and sound healing session.

Fifth Step

You will finish your royal treatment with relaxation in a resting room while sipping on water or tea.

Single session

Investment = $250​

Session duration: 75 min

A series of 4 sessions bought as a package

($200 savings)

TEXT US and BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW. no phone calls please.

Dr Kostina is a certified feet, face and head reflexologists trained within tradition of the Thai Buddhist monks. This session is a perfect match with hypnosis sessions for trauma and stress release and can be added onto any other services.