Sexual Abuse Protocol For Healing

About the session

Unfortunately, every third person who comes for my session has experienced some form of sexual abuse in their life, which goes along with the research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that estimates that approximately 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18.

Because sexual abuse is a part of my clients’ history, over the years I created my own signature program Sexual Abuse Protocol that can help you triumph over trauma and reclaim your birthright of a healthy sexuality.

I strongly recommend committing to a three-step process I developed for you, however, each step will have its own benefits.

My approach

Since sexual abuse victims not only get hurt physically and psychologically, they usually suffer from a life-long debilitating blow to their sexuality and self-esteem. They are full of shame, anger and guilt that often destroys their own romantic relationship or keeps perpetuating the cycle of abuse or substance addiction.

The goal of my program is to turn this darkness into health, freedom, and recovery.

Warning: contrary to many other hypnotherapists I do NOT regress you back into the abuse situation, I believe it can create even more damage, pain and suffering. My approach is gentle and multi-facet, using various modalities to tackle this complex problem

Session 1

During this session we will work on letting go of your anger, guilt and shame through hypnosis, primal therapy, energetic extraction work, and somatic release (1- 1,5 hr)

Session 2

During this session we will face all “personas” within your psyche that developed as a result of trauma.. Have you ever found yourself being triggered by similar behavior/ words/ situations no matter who you are with, having seemingly uncontrollable reactions to them? This happens because one of your “personas” developed during trauma is acting out as if it is YOU. We will face these personas and create more ecological roles for them within your psyche.

We will also address the destructive patterns with your romantic partners and rewire your beliefs about love and relationships (1-1,5 hr)

Session 3

Once you get rid of your limited beliefs, we will work on raising your self-esteem, clearing your energetic makeup through releasing any energetic memory of abuse and raising your vibration for higher points of attraction. We will also create some (45 min- 1hr)

Your investment

Each session is $250
A 3 session package is $550

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