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What is Reiki for 2?

Have you ever noticed how some partners, friends, family members, or romantic couples have a very special connection? A deep intimacy that goes beyond our usual experiences? Such connection can be cultivated and sustained in any relationship, including your own.

​Our unique Reiki for 2 session helps you heal any negative energies between you and your loved one. These negative energies are often the result of conflict, misunderstandings, infidelity, or repressed emotions—and even issues stemming from past relationships. When our energies are unbalanced, they create many obstacles in our communication and lower our self-esteem, thus deceasing our connection and intimacy with others.

Who is it for?

Reiki for 2 supports romantic relationships (lovers, spouses, partners, etc.), as well as relationships between family members, friends, coworkers… and anyone else with whom you wish to have a deeper relationship.

How is it done?

Reiki for 2 balances the energies between two people and expands their frequencies to a higher vibrational level. During our session, we work on each person individually as well as their shared energetic space. The session helps restore harmony, love, understanding, forgiveness, and increase the connection and well-being of both people. Reiki for 2 goes beyond the healing modality of Reiki and applies various methodologies to create deeper bonds.

The 5 Steps of Reiki for 2

Step 1:  Dr. Marina Kostina begins by running a diagnostic of the chakras (energy centers) for each individual. These determine potential “problem zones” for the relationship.

​Step 2:  Both individuals are guided through a bond-strengthening exercise that facilitates stress reduction, connection and understanding.

​Step 3: An in-depth Reiki healing session is performed by Dr. Kostina and her best students.

​Step 4: Dr. Kostina uses sound healing techniques to raise the vibration of both clients, and performs additional necessary, energetic purifying practices.  The target areas, based on the diagnosed“problem zones,” are addressed, including clearing sexual cords with previous lovers, burning pain, and resentment.

​Step 5: The session concludes with a beautiful ritual that allows for continuing strengthening of the bonds created during the session.

Benefits of Reiki for 2

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$240 for 2

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Ravenous Life Healing Center, 1714 W. Lawrence Ave, Chicago, Il, 60640
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