Book 52 Pieces : A Manual of Light to Survive the Abyss of Trauma

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52 Pieces : A Manual of Light to Survive the Abyss of Trauma is based on Dr. Marina Kostina’s near-death sky-diving accident and her miraculous journey back to life. Dr. Kostina’s body and face were broken into 52 pieces, and it took 10 surgeries to put her back together. The book details author’s personal struggle with PTSD, depression, and anxiety through the abyss of her tragedy, using her background as an energy healing practitioner and hypnotherapist,

Dr. Kostina offers useful “tools of light” for those who are going through traumatic events to find meaning and purpose in their seemingly desperate circumstances. She also reveals the secrets of manifesting faster timelines and healing, finding the right doctors and creating miracles that defy the laws of the physical world. She provides insights into the “science of magic”, which helped her create full and complete recovery in a short time and beat many doctors’ prognoses.
This book will inspire you to find strength, resilience, and deeper understanding of self, and your place in this world.

PS: The book is also accompanied by a set of inspirational Cards of Light that you can use for meditation, as a motivational tool, or for creating miracles in our life.

AMAZONG bestseller in 3 categories: spirituality, personal growth, and motivation!

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As I’m reading just the first chapter alone, I can feel everything you describe as if it was me experiencing it first hand, that ringing in my head is in full force! That ringing in my head is always there, but when something of high frequency, it really get stronger and louder. And that’s the case.
Wow Marina, your book is here to really change people lives, it hold such powerful frequency. Your book is meant to ignite a potent awakening in those who read it.

– Gustavo Rojo, Owner of Red Reiki


I have been and still am reading your book. It is so, so good. It is undoubtedly a work of genius and art. Your way of expressing your feelings and describing the horrors you have experienced are incredible. I only hope that when I come to write the foreword, it can do your book the justice it deserves.

-Freddy Jaquin, World Renowned Hypnotherapist


Wow! Your book… WOW! I can’t articulate… I don’t have the words! I’m overwhelmed in a good way.

I know you have all this training and background, but you are so knowledgeable. Versed in so many areas. It’s chock full of info and so easy to read. I’m just blown away.

-Barbara Howard, Former Special Ed Teacher


This is a very personal story from Dr Marina Kostina of a tragic accident and how she lived through it. But it is more than a story of survival – this is a story of Hope and Love and how we can use all the experiences that Marina talks about here for our own journeys through life. This is a book of teaching and tools for your life .I know Marina personally and I am so grateful for the things she has taught me, and have been allowed to teach her.If you embrace Marina’s story and the tools she gives you in this book – you have a handbook to find joy and love and hope in your journey through life

– Ines Simpson, Founder of SP Hypnosis


I read this book in one breath. You can find many manuals where authors teach how to recreate your life and overcome difficulties. But few have been able to overcome the kind of difficulties that fell to Marina Kostina. One day changed the whole course of her life and turned the young, healthy girl into an immobile invalid. The painful way of returning to normal life, through suffering, pain, and doubts of others – such an epic is admirable and deeply respected. Therefore, Marina’s practical recommendations are not theoretical speculations from the books but profound personal experiences. Afterward, you realize how little effort you put into your own life. I sincerely recommend this book to everyone who seeks self-development and spiritual perfection.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Scientists, Inventor of Biowell, Professor, Author of 17 books


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