Online Tarot

What is it?

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN PREDICTING ANYTHING! For me Tarot cards are a tool to heal trauma, and support creation and manifestation process where YOU are the key creator. Things do not HAPPEN TO US. We have the power to change it. So this reading is NOT for those who want to give up their responsibility for their happiness and expect me to give all answers. I am more of a guide expressing the tendencies and suggesting possible ways to go about things.

If you are willing to take an ACTIVE role in your destiny and receive some suggestions/ inspiration for making this year the best year yet- the I am here for you.


Each reading is $100 instead of the usual $150 till the end of this month!

Shorter readings are available. Please contact Marina via text with inquiries 319 5945530.

Since it is a very time-consuming task, I can only take several orders while I am abroad and healing between surgeries, so please contact me ASAP.

You will get: messages with tendencies/ suggestions for each month in 2024 and detailed answers for 3 questions of your choice. I will provide the card spreads and their interpretation in either a written message or a recorded video.

You can use the following ways of payment:

Venmo: marina_kostina

Please text me or whatsapp me once you order so I can get all info I need for my calculations.