Never Look Back

Vip Day with Marina

Everyone has an addiction!

Yep, you, me, they- all of us. Some addictions help us expand our lives and some addictions destroy it.

First reason

In my practice, most addictions are layers of protection from the deeper seated issue. The number one issue is the lack of connection and loneliness. We use alcohol drugs, shopping, sex etc to stop feeling so alone…. A little child inside of us is acting out because it does not feel that he deserves love, or he doesn’t get the love he feels he deserve. 

Second reason

The second reason is the lack of self-esteem. Many of us choose addictions that are promoted by our society- surgeries, torturing ourselves in the gym, going under the knife and risking our health to increase breasts, decrease fat, etc…. And some find that too difficult or too expensive and start drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

Third reason

The third reason is the underlying dissatisfaction with their place in life, their life purpose, or the meaning that they assign to their existence. Most of us associate this lack with the lack of money, not with the lack of inner alignment with our soul’s purposes. And so we look for more: more cash, bigger house, bigger TVs, newest gadgets, etc.. But no matter how much of that stuff we get; how many times we push someone off the road to be the winner, how many times we use sex to climb the ladder, or how many bottles of whiskey we drink along the way— it is never enough, as it will never cover the abyss created in our soul.

So ask yourself this

When it’s time for you to cross to another dimension, what will you tell yourself about how you spent this human experience? Being drunk or high most of the times? Torturing yourself with diets or surgeries? Hating yourself? Getting more “stuff”?

Underneath all addictions lies THE LETHARGY OF THE SOUL. Getting back to being RAVENOUS for life is your solution.

Ravenous Vip Day with Marina

I created a special RAVENOUS VIP DAY WITH MARINA- where in 1 day we:

  • Clear your drinking/ smoking/ shopping/ fighting/ sexual etc. addiction
  • Learn the WHYs behind your addiction
  • Use coaching strategies and exercises to change that part of yourself and connect you with your spiritual dimension that will guide you 
  • Clear your energetic field
  • Come up with the coping tools for when the times are hard
  • Set the plan of action that will maintain this new state of being and expand it

Investment - $1000
($290 savings)

Lentght: 1hr 30 min

Compare to:

Alcohol addiction hypnosis = 600
Coaching session = 600
Energy Healing = 90


TEXT US and BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW. no phone calls please.