"Fountain of youth" trauma detox

A 50 min Trauma and Stress Detox to clear your mind and rejuvenate your face.

About the session

I created this Signature Session to be the only one in the world to combine hypnosis with microcurrent treatment for your mind and your face. In this session we stimulate both your mind- through hypnosis that aims to release stress and painful experiences out of your psyche and start the creation of new neuronal connections in your subconscious mind. We also utilize the state-of-the-art equipment that provides very low frequency electric pulses to your face that relax your frozen muscles and rejuvenate your skin.

These microcurrents on your face create a vey calming (and happy) experience in your brain as they stimulate production of serotonin- a happy hormone, which in turn stimulates the production of melatonin- the sleep hormone (yep, you might fall asleep during the session and will sleep like a baby that night!).

What are facial microcurrents?

Facial microcurrents are a special type of physiotherapy, the main purpose of which is to stimulate currents similar in characteristics to the electrical impulses of the human body. The lead to a significant improvement in blood microcirculation and acceleration of metabolic processes. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the vascular system, muscles, and subcutaneous fat and the following benefits:

  • Blood microcirculation becomes better, which means that all the required nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to the cells faster;
  • Cellular regeneration, synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin proteins occurs at a faster pace;
  • There are also changes in the muscular lining of the vessels – its tone increases markedly, while permeability  decreases. As a result, lymphatic outflow increases, toxins and metabolic products are eliminated from the cells faster.
  • Such procedures are especially useful for aging skin and traumatized people.
  • Due to the fact that the parameters of alternating current are insignificant, the procedures are not addictive and each session is perceived by the body as something new and useful.

What to expect:

You will lay comfortably on a massage table while listening to a soothing hypnotic track that whispers calmness into your brain, releasing all stress, PTSD and trauma, and starts the production of new, happier neuronal connections in your brain. This happens while I gently massage your face with very tiny microcurrents that soothe your mind, relax you even more and create sensational results for your skin. No metal objects please, you will need to have your shoulders open for lymphatic massage. Wear comfy clothes – no belts or tight jeans. At the end of the session, you will be transported to a resting room where you can enjoy a cup of yummy herbal tea to continue your relaxation and detoxifying experience.

Your investment

You will see and feel amazingly after just 1 session but for the best results I recommend doing 5-8 sessions (once, twice or three times a week) following by a break of 3-4 months.

1 Session (hypnosis and microcurrents)= $150
A Package of 5= $650 ($100 savings)
A Package of 8 = $1000 ($200 savings)

TEXT US and BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW. no phone calls please.

The science behind this session and how I created it:

Did you know that each emotion is preceded by a micro-expressions, split-second muscle changes in the face. These changes are constantly occurring on people’s faces, but can last for as little as 1/25th of a second according to Dr. Paul Ekman, the modern expert of micro expressions.

Eckman identifies the 7 basic human emotions and the facial expressions that go along with them. They are:

1. Anger – lowered eyebrows, tense lips and eye lids and wrinkled forehead.
2. Disgust – raising of upper lip, narrowed eyes, wrinkled nose and narrowed eye brows.
3.  Fear – eyes and mouth open rather widely, eyebrows raised and nostrils flared.
4. Happiness – raising corner of lips and cheeks, narrowing eyes to produce “crow’s feet” on the outside of each eye.
5. Sadness – narrowed eyes, eyebrows together, down-pointed mouth, and a pulling up of the chin.
6. Surprise – dropped jaw, relaxed lips and mouth, widened eyes and slightly raised eyelids and eyebrows.
7. Contempt– single raised corner of the mouth, slight tightening of the eyelids (sneer).

Now, when we experience trauma our negative emotions (and corresponding muscle movements) literally freeze in our body. With PTSD we keep reliving our horrible events and thus keep reusing these same muscles (just try to remember a fight with a loved one and see how your jaw clenches and eyebrows squeeze). Thus, trauma makes us not only feel bad but also look grumpy, scared and old.

I know this way too well!

After my near-death accident that left me with every broken bone in my face (and missing facial features) and 2 years of reconstruction and rehabilitation I tried so many different modalities to help clear the trauma out of my mind and body and bring back the youthfulness and beauty to my face. This session is my pride and joy. I combined the most beneficial modalities, made my own spin on them that helped me and created miraculous results for me,  and integrated them together to speed up YOUR healing process!

Before and After transformation


CHECK OUT HER MIND: “I feel like a huge weight feel off my shoulders after this session. My mind is clear and calm for the first time in years. I actually fell asleep during the session despite my struggle with insomnia. My sadness after the loss of my husband is gone and I finally feel at peace”


CHECK OUT HER MIND: “This is pure Heaven. After my car accident 5 years ago I am in a constant state of anxiety. I feel that my body and my face are always squeezing in fear and expectation of something bad happening. After the session I feel so relaxed and FREE! I also look so much younger (and kinder 😊)


CHECK OUT HER MIND: “At my 45 years old I looked like an old grandma after horrible events that kept on happening in my life. The hypnosis portion of the session was out of this world. It got so deep into my mind that I think it cleared something there, and brough hope! My face is so much younger, as if I had a facial lift! This is a part of my self-care routine now! SO grateful”