Chakra Spa

What is Chakra Spa?

Enter the magic of the energetic alignment with the Universe awakening abundance, peace, joy, health and well-being Chakra spa offers a scientific journey into the esoteric world of  frequencies and vibrations, it is a healing massage for all of your bodies and energy centers. 

How does it work?

First Step

First, you will be scanned on the state of the art equipment to view your energetic anatomy and realize, where you have blockages, access or insufficient energy: in which chakras, meridians or organs there is an obstacle to the “flow”.

The computer program will create a specialized healing MP3 that will be used during the session in order to increase the effectiveness of the session. 

Second Step

Second,  we will use foot detox pads to clear any toxins and remove the obstacles for the harmonious energy flow, followed by the foot and hand energy massage that will help opening your organs and meridians

Third Step

Third, after all impurities and obstacles are cleared, we utilize reiki together with mantra signing meditations to open and align all chakras

Forth Step

Fourth, you will be guided in a hypnotic meditation custom chosen for YOUR particular problem/ intention for the session.

Fifth Step

Finally, extensive sound bath will use the power of the vibrational sounds to lift your frequencies and get your  consciousness expanded. 

We will finish the session with the Shamanic Tarot reading and another scan to show you the amazing progress that has happened in your body just after one session. All your records will be kept on file to create a long term database of your physical, emotional and energetic well-being

Investment - $240

Lentght: 1hr 30 min

Compare to:
Reiki 180 (90 MIN SESSION)
Bio-WELL SCAN= 150X2= 300



($200 savings)

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