Aura Photo Equipment & Certification

Do you want to conduct aura photo or energy analysis sessions, or add this services to your existing healing practice?

The equipment allows you to provide your clients with:

A complete Assessment of their Biofield

Understand their motivations, life missions, gifts, challenges in business and life.

A Photo of their Aura

To see their personal energetic field which includes aura type and energetic centers (chakras) with their blocks, imbalances, and leaks.

Detailed Energy Profile

To see their predominant aura color with its gifts and challenges.

About this equipment:

The aura display systems are designed on the basis of biofeedback technology. During many years these technologies have been improving, and now a biofeedback software displays data with maximal accuracy. Thus, any user can have a concrete visual representation of their aura. The system reproduces graphs on biodata, emotional state and other indicators as additional information.

Training & tech support are included

NOTE: Training is essential for the successful aura sensor application. Software package is delivered by arrangement. Theoretical and technical training, as well as recommendations on how to effectively organize the business will be provided for free.

It is also possible to receive training on the new forward-looking program code-π (from professional integration) for company executives, business coaches, HR-professionals for the office personnel, psychologists and psychoanalysts. This program allows for the use of equipment in the business training, team building, personal growth, goal-setting, conflict resolution and compatibility.

Requirements for the technical characteristics and operating system of the computer

  • Processor – Intel 1.3 GHz or higher, if AMD processor – 2.5 GHz or higher
  • RAM – 2 GB or larger (larger memory allows your computer to work faster)
  • Free disk space – 30 GB or larger.
  • Screen resolution 1366×768 or higher
  • USB ports 2 or more
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Installed Microsoft Office, versions from Office12 (2007) and higher
  • there is no need for disc drive

Operating conditions and safety requirements

  • Do not use in damp areas.
  • Storage temperature from 0 to +40 degrees
  • The device, which was at a temperature below 0 ° C, is allowed to turn on in a heated room only after 3 hours.
  • In case of a sharp temperature drop, use the device no earlier than in 30 minutes.
  • Use of the complex is recommended at room temperature (+15 – +25 ° C).
  • The client should be in calm balanced state.
  • During the cold season the client’s palms should be warm and dry.
  • Metal jewelry, watches, and bracelets are recommended to be removed taking into account hat the software package uses highly sensitive skin electrical activity sensors and thermal sensors. Otherwise, if you don’t comply with these conditions it may lead to distortion of information and readings will not correspond to the client’s psychoemotional state at this time.
  • To avoid distortion of information, all fingers should fit tightly to sensors.
  • Never put metal, various heated objects and other electrical devices on the sensor of the software system. They can cause short circuit of the sensors with each other and lead to either sensor failure or distorted information.

What is included

Certification, equipment, software. delivery, training & tech support


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