Meet Dr. Marina Kostina

Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Transformational Coach, Hypnotist,  and Reiki Master/ Teacher.

A Wounded Healer

Dr. Kostina has been running her award-winning business that has been featured in the leading media channels for over ten years. She holds a PhD from the University of Iowa, and is trained and certified in numerous healing modalities (see Education session below).

However, she believes that her true education as a healing professional occurred during the darkest time of her life: her near- death sky-diving accident that broke her into 52 pieces, and left her temporarily without a face and dangerously wounded. It took her two long years of surgeries, hospitalizations, and physical, emotional and energetic recovery to reinvent herself and re-assemble her broken pieces into a new, more powerful self.   (read her book about this experience here)

One of the biggest gifts that came from this trauma is her deepened sense of empathy for her clients, as she has lived through various physical and psychological wounds. She knows what it is to be blind, death, mute, bed-bound, bold, and what it is to experience depression, PTSD, anxiety, claustrophobia and panic attacks. Her energy practices helped her regain her body functions, while her hypnotherapy background healed her psyche without any drugs or substances.

The second gift that came from this dark time is that it expanded Dr. Kostina’s healing capacity. The Greek philosopher Plato believed the most talented doctors were not the ones with the best health, but those who experienced illness themselves, and through that first-hand knowledge could relate to their patients and find the best cures. Likewise, Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, created the term “Wounded Healer” to describe those who came into this world to help others and developed skills and empathy through their own suffering. Jung believed that only a wounded physician could treat others effectively. This type of healer is especially successful because he taps into and activates his patients’ own healing powers.

Dr. Kostina is such “wounded healer” who did not allow her trauma to define and defeat her.  She was constantly seeking ways and methods to help herself, and through these experiences, she realized how various modalities helped her remove the obstacles on the way of her physical and emotional well-being.  She developed her own De-traumatization Method© that aims at moving you “from tragic to magic”, and incorporates various traditional and esoteric practices.

She offers her unique signature services that have been tested through her own recovery process and now help thousands of people all over the world to re-define their trauma, drop their addiction and break through the limitations of the physical 3-D world to rise up stronger, more powerful, more beautiful selves to light up the world around.

Education and Healing Experience

Dr. Kostina holds a PhD from the University of Iowa in Education. Her dissertation dealt with psychology of online interactions, and her dissertation research helped her understand that human connection and energy is not tied to a particular location, that we are all interconnected beyond the limitations of time and space.  After going through a personal trauma in 2013 where she lost all physical possessions and was temporarily homeless, she decided to expand her profession from teacher/ professor to a healer and a hypnotherapist. Since then, she received various initiations to healing modalities, became a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Shambala reiki practitioner and learned from top-notch shamans in Siberia, Russia and Mexico. She has also received six certifications in hypnosis: the National Guild of Hypnotists, an Advanced Simpson Protocol Hypnosis, Jacquin Academy of Hypnosis, New-Eriksonian Academy, PTSD hypnotherapy, and forensic hypnosis. She is also certified in Dovzhenko Method – a unique approach for helping people with alcohol dependency. Dr. Kostina is also trained in Sound Healing, reflexology and herbalism.

You can always find the light in the abyss of your trauma!

Dr. Kostina’s path shows you that you do not need to be defined by your trauma. She came to the United States with a suitcase in her hand and a dream in her heart. She worked numerous jobs trying to pull herself through college, and even have a road in Iowa City that she built with her own hands. During her long journey to find her life mission she experienced many hardships, including homelessness and losses of jobs, near death experiences and both physical and emotional suffering.  Yet, all of these seemingly difficult events turned out to be the biggest gifts that guided her closer to her real purpose. 

Today Dr. Kostina is a bestselling Author, Award-Winning Hypnotherapist, Energy Architect, 7X Winner of the US Department of Defense Grants, and a TEDx Speaker whose accomplishments have been featured in Entrepreneur, Hay House, New York Post, WGN, Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, People magazine, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, Telemundo, and Chicago Latino TV.

She has been  fortunate to work with such celebrities, as Cris Karr, Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek. Kanye West, Lorna Byrne, Mike Dooley, Her Holiness Living Saint Amma Sri Karunamay, and  present and sign her book alongside Dr. Joe Dispenza, John Holland and Rebecca Campbell. Dr. Kostina is fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. She leads spiritual retreats all over the world several times a year, and has healed and trained thousands of people around the world. 

That is why the logo of Ravenous for Life company is a lightning bug (or firefly) as these creatures represent all it stands for: Magic, Resilience, Spiritual Transformation, Hope and Illumination. Keep finding that spark and be that tiny bug that lights up the whole sky!