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Welcome to Ravenous 4 Life journey! Here we believe that all the scrumptious, yummy, and delicious experiences come from recognition that life is messy, and that often our darkest traumas point out to the biggest treasures that are hidden in the depth of our souls. Instead of hiding or repressing these dark parts of ourselves we embrace them and CHOOSE to feed the light to fully enjoy life!

In our approach trauma and addictions are the fuel to transform you to the higher, 2.0 version of yourself, instead of defeating you!

Unfortunately, the majority of people are stuck in their healing process and become defined and consumed by their traumas. The word “trauma” comes from the Greek and Latin root “wound”. It is a psychic wound as it occurs beyond the physical self. This psychic wound leaves a scar and an imprint in your nervous system, in your body, in your psyche; and then shows up in many ways that are ineffective or even destructive for the trauma survivor (for example, addictions).

Through her own near-death accident and several “starting from scratch” experiences (see About page for more details), Dr. Kostina has developed her unique De-Traumatization Method© that combines hypnotherapy, somatic healing, sound and energy healing, and uses the latest research on trauma, neuro-science, addiction and bio-photonics to guide you “from tragic to magic”.

Your De-traumatization journey is made of 3 steps:

#1 Release trauma from your body, mind and energetic field

Through the use of hypnotherapy, somatic, sound and energy healing you will drop addictions that cover your pain. (Our approach to addictions is totally different than what you get used to). You will learn how to embrace your pain and find your biggest gifts in it, and new, more effective coping skills!

#2 Activate your consciousness, your self-healing mechanisms and higher vibrations

With Dr. Kostina’s signature sessions combining energy work, research, sound healing and somatic healing you will raise your vibration and regenerate your body, In our spiritual retreats and group classes you will learn how to activate your consciousness to raise your healing and manifesting abilities beyond the restrictions of the 3-d world.

#3 Use your learned lessons and gift to help others

We believe that once you find your light you should share it with others just like in that Buddhist saying, “If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path." You have numerous options to get certified and get necessary skills to help heal others with our company. Reiki Healing, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy and Aura Photography diplomas are available along with workshops and classes.

The ravenous 4 life journey

(join at any stage!)


Become a lightworker to heal and inspire others to find their own light!

Trauma Cure

Release trauma so it no longer controls your life and drop all addictions in a quick and fun manner to clear your space and free your energy for a fulfilling life!


Learn effective tools and participate in transformational practices that ignite your power purpose and passion.

How will your life look like

when you... CHOOSE it?




Why you are doomed to succeed with us even if previous therapies have not worked for you:

We have fundamentally different beliefs about any “problem” you might have:

You are ok:

According to the old school of therapy if you have an addiction or a problem- you are broken (and broken for life!). Instead, we know that ANYONE could develop an addiction and problems are a part of soul’s journey. Addiction or reactive responses start as a way of dealing with trauma using ineffective coping skills…
Through hypnosis we break the automated connection between the trigger and response!

Healing does not have to be long:

In traditional approach, treating addiction or past trauma is a long journey. With hypnosis and energy healing we can achieve powerful results in 1 to 3 sessions!

Healing is fun:

Healing does not need to be so serious and tedious and hard! During our sessions we play, joke and have fun.

Your addictions & your traumas are your allies (not your enemies):

We believe that our addictions and traumas are actually pointing at the shadow part of ourselves that is ready to be healed. That is why there is ALWAYS a transformational experience following our sessions!

Lets turn these numbers around by healing ourselves and others

0 million
In the US are dependent on alcohol
0 million
In the US alone smoke weed or tobacco
0 million
Are addicted to drugs
0 %
Of population has experiences at least 1 traumatic event

Expect to devour your life!